Salsa Dance Classes

Beginner's Salsa Courses In Kent

Beginner's Salsa Courses, Kent

Have you have been thinking "I always wanted to try that..."? Do you have some friends that dance Salsa and you wish you could join in? Do you think you have too many left feet or not enough co-ordination to dance? Our six week beginner's Salsa course is perfect for you!

Our team of instructors (many of whom are fully UKA qualified instructors) are patient, friendly and fully trained to help you learn everything you need to know to dance Salsa with anyone.

Each lesson revises what you've learned previously and adds more moves to your repertoire. You don't need a partner as we rotate during classes so you gain experience dancing with different people.

Cost For The Full Salsa Course:

£30 per person.

If you don't feel you can commit to a six week course you can still drop in to beginners Salsa classes when you're able for £6 per lesson.

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